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Great garden ponds 

There's a site I've recently learned about - Great Garden Ponds, that provides lots of info about starting a beautiful pond in your own yard. Take a look when you get a chance.

There's a new blog in town 

Green Fingers I Wish was started for those who have the desire but not necessarily the art to garden. Go check out Dex's blog.

Two new links 

Here are two links you might enjoy. Great Landscaping Ideas is just that - all types of gardening information from A to the proverbial Z. This site shares everything from fertilizers to lawn aeration to deck building tips. Go check them out.

All about Birdwatching also shares information about just that - birdwatching. This site has extensive links on birdwatching just about anywhere. They also how-tos and various birdwatching organizations.


Ever wonder what that bug is that's crawling up your leg? Now you can find out. What's That Bug? is a tremendous resource listing all kinds of bugs. The folks also answer questions and show many, many pictures. Have a bug question? Go visit this site.

SKS Bottle & Packaging 

Jessica wrote and told me about her company, SKS Bottle & Packaging. She suggested that folks might like to learn about her food containers for packaging seeds or homegrown,homemade foods. There is a wide selection of bottles, jars and tins so go take a look and see what you can find.

Greener Magazine 

There's a new ezine in town. Greener Magazine offers green solutions for home, garden and family. One article focuses on bamboo flooring while another discusses improving indoor air quality. Spring cleaning products are deliberated along with their contribution to polluting our air. Great information for those of us who have allergies or are just worried about environmental impacts. Keep an eye on this one.

North Country Maturing Gardener 

Here's a fairly new blogger, North Country Maturing Gardener, writing about gardening in northern New Hampshire. Although a certified Master Gardener, she now enjoys writing about gardening and working in her gardens as she can. Go visit her site and learn a bit about a lot.

Adventures of a transplanted gardener 

Originally from Maryland and relocated to Jacksonville Florida, Ginny writes on a wide array of topics. She is a naturalist with a master's degree in plant taxonomy. Go check her out.

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